Best Hair Straightener 2014

Finding the best hair straightener is obviously a daunting task due to the wide variety of models on the market. Some manufacturers also benefit from a more positive reputation than others. However, it is essential to pick a product that will actually help your hair without damaging or thinning it. The quality is definitive from this point of view, even if it normally implies spending more money than for an unbranded unit. As an unwritten rule, the higher prices are, the more qualitative a model is. With all these, you are supposed to clear out your necessities first. Fortunately, we have managed to identify the top 10 of the best hair straighteners on the market, judging by hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials.


HSI Professional

HSI Professional is one of the top products released by the popular manufacturer. Aside from its hair straightening function, it can bring in two other procedures – flipping and curling. Straightening is its main purpose though, hence the adjustable temperature between 240 and 410 degrees. Basically, it is suitable to pretty much any kind of hair. The plates are 1 inch wide, while the final look is silky and sleek. Moreover, the tourmaline technology can protect your hair, but also work on its final appearance.

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Farouk CHI

At a first glance, the rapport between prices and features of such a product is not really advantageous. However, the truth is that its look is not that relevant when compared to the functionality. From some points of view, Farouk CHI is the best hair straightener because it can implement more functions, such as curling, styling or flipping. The quick heating option makes it usable within seconds only, while the final result is definitely worth. It is up to you to set the right temperature according to your type of hair.

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Revlon Perfect Heat Essentials

Revlon is a front runner in its industry, so most of its products stand up to the expectations. The prices for such a model are not high at all, while a discount can work wonders on your deal. It makes no difference if you shop from the official website. Once you find it for sale, its popularity automatically guarantees for an offer. Other than that, you can count on a few different heating settings, an auto-off function in case you forget it on and ceramic plates for a silky appearance. Besides, you do not have to wait for more than 30 seconds for the plates to heat up.

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Remington S5500

The prices represent the most attractive feature of Remington S5500 when you find it for sale, especially if you end up with a discount too. Since this is one of the top hair straightener manufacturers, its products are obviously very popular. This one brings in the successful anti static technology, so your hair will no longer look like a broom. The temperature can go as high as 410 degrees, while the unit turns off on its own in case you forget about it. The plates need around 30 seconds to heat up or cool down. It is more than enough, even when you are in a hurry. With so many pros, Remington S5500 might be the best hair straightener for your necessities.

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Sedu Revolution Tourmaline

Sedu may not be the most popular manufacturer on the market, but its few products are definitely convincing enough. Practically, the prices can easily draw some attention because they are a few times higher compared to other products. Therefore, this luxurious product is mostly used in professional salons. The tourmaline or ceramic technology is more advanced than ever, not to mention about the smooth feeling. Hair straightening becomes very easy and fast, without damaging your hair at all. This product is designed with your safety in mind. You also get to revitalize your hair, while losing the frizz will not thin it at all.

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Revlon Perfect Heat

Revlon Perfect Heat is a middle solution between professional products and home intended units. The prices are low and affordable to anyone. The ceramic technology protects your hair, while the plates heat up in about a minute. There are 25 settings for the temperature, so you have the freedom to find the most appropriate one. There are obviously better products than this one, but there are even more items under it. In fact, Revlon Perfect Heat is just enough for a basic hair straightening procedure, without any fancy or sophisticated styles and expectations.

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Herstylers Colorful Seasons

Herstylers Colorful Seasons might be the best hair straightener for those who want quality, but without exaggerating with stylish expectations. Practically, the plates are solid and resistant enough, not to mention about the ceramic build. Other than that, the temperature can go between 200 and 460 degrees. The limit is low enough for a thin hair, but also high enough for a very stubborn hair. Both these limits are more permissive compared to other products.

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Conair Instant Heat

Conair Instant Heat relies on the popular ceramic technology, which ensures long lasting results and plenty of styling possibilities. There are 25 temperature settings and it takes 30 seconds for the plates to heat up. Uniformity is part of the process due to an even distribution of heat, while the curved and thin handle allows you to get closer to the roots without burning yourself. The prices are also great for so many features, so this unit underlines an excellent rapport for price and quality.

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Bedhead Hook Up

Bedhead Hook Up is a low budget hair straightener with the basic and most important functions only. There are no fancy features, instant actions or futuristic technologies. Instead, it requires 30 seconds to head up or cool down, while the indicator led tells you whether or not the straightener is turned on. The design is simple, lightweight, user friendly and very easy to grip due to the materials used, while the prices are affordable. It makes no difference if you search on the official website or a specific reseller. At such a low price, it is not even worth to look for a coupon or a discount.

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